About Humans in the Universe

     Several years ago, I began to write a book.  My intention was to share what I've learned about humanity in a fun and easy-to-read format.  The text was to be simple and accompanied with hand drawn pictures.

     As I began to write, I became discouraged.  It seemed that for every idea that I introduced, three or four more could follow.  It was then that I began to dream of using computer technology to write in a non-linear fashion (hypertext).

     As I researched this idea, I learned the technology was already available.  In fact, it is right here on the WWW.  Behind this screen lies Humans in the Universe, a place where I've collected all of my writing about humans in the universe, linked it together with hyperlinks, and published it so I may share it with you.  Human in the Universe is an ongoing project that I will continue to add to until the day I die.

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Jay Ligda

Jay Ligda

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