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Copyright © 1997, Jay Ligda.  All rights reserved.  Published by Humans in the Universe and Jay Ligda.

Evidence of Parapsychology

      Communication occurs on a bodily level through sensory input.  However, there is evidence of communication that can occur on a transpersonal level, through extra sensory perception (E.S.P.

      The following is a passage from Morgan (1994) describing her experiences in Australia with an aboriginal tribe she calls the Real People:

We had walked several hours when the Elder stopped and fell to his knees.  Everyone gathered around as he remained in the kneeling position, his arms held out in front, gently swaying.  I asked Ooota what was happening.  He motioned for me to remain quiet.  No one was saying anything but all their faces were intent.  Finally, Ooota turned to me and said the young scout who had left us earlier was sending a message.  He was asking permission to cut off the tail of a kangaroo he had killed. 
It finally dawned on me why it was quiet every day as we walked.  These people used mental telepathy to communicate most of the time.  I was witnessing it.  There was absolutely no sound to be heard, but messages were being relayed between people twenty miles apart.  (p. 60-61)
Morgan (1994) writes her book as fiction, "to protect the small tribe of Aborigines from legal involvement" (p. xiii).  However, it is about her real life experience with a group of Aborigines in Australia.  If the reader believes her journey is real, it gives an account of paranormal communication.

      There seems to be substantial evidence of the possibility of communication on a paranormal level.  In the story of the Tower of Babel, the descendants of Noah were able to understand each other with "few words."  Morgan's Aboriginal friends had opinions about words and talking: The Real People don't think the voice was designed for talking.  You do that with your heart/head center.  If the voice is used for speech, one tends to get into small, unnecessary, and less spiritual conversation.  The voice is made for singing, for celebration, and healing.  (1994, p. 64) It is through talking that paradigms are built and misunderstanding occurs.  Perhaps the descendants of Noah knew this as well.

by Jay Ligda

(This work is a all or part of an original work first published/written for John. F. Kennedy University:  Final Integrative Project., Mar1996.)

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